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Two of the biggest problems out there for many vehicles are rust and dirt. Rust is like cancer to a car. Once it is there it seems to just spread without being stopped unless some drastic changes take place. In order to keep your car from rusting sooner than it should, be preventative and take good care of your vehicle. In the long run, washing your car weekly can save you a great deal of money if you can keep the rust from building up on your vehicle. Depending on the state you live in and the car inspector that you choose, rust can be a reason for declining you your yearly inspection sticker. Therefore, you must be proactive and clean it regularly. Spend the money at a car wash to get it clean or simply do it yourself. Make sure to use good cleaning materials to thoroughly clean the areas that get caked with snow, salt, dirt, and other debris. Most rust occurs on the lower sides of doors and around the tires. Be certain to clean these areas to prevent the rust from forming and attacking the rest of your car. The car industry has also created some products that allow you to keep your car clean without using water. There are brushes available that do a pretty good job of cleaning of the dirt and grime without the use of water. Actually, some of these products do a better job the more they are used. Rust can also show its ugly face in other areas of your car that you cannot see. Keeping the undercarriage clean can also help to reduce the risk of rusting gas tanks and the wheel wells in many cars. Replacing and fixing these is another large cost to car owners. Yes it may cost you some money to keep your car clean but this little amount of money far outweighs the cost of failed inspections, fixing rusty bumpers, and replacing parts and sections of your car. Not only will keeping your car clean save you money, but it will also keep you feeling like a proud owner of a great car.

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