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You’ve spent the entire day washing, and waxing your pride and joy, making ready for the big date with your future wife, well maybe. Can you accurately list the money saved by owning a car for such occasions as this one? Let’s see if it is possible.
While owning a car, opposed to walking or riding a bicycle, you have saved on replacement footwear, socks, and shoe laces. Not to mention, new shirts that have been soiled from perspiration while walking ten miles to her house, and deodorant and cologne used after showering when returning home from the brisk exercise. The relief and costs caused for not bicycling also include replacement footwear and socks, tire inner-tubes, tires, and ointment to medicate your aching feet due to blisters.
Having an automobile is also quite beneficial for the days and years that follow this date you’ve patiently waited for. The ultimate savings will occur on your wedding day. Instead of having to hire a taxi to take you and the blushing bride to the airport, you will travel in style comfortably sitting in your own vehicle. That night, the mid-night craving for a hamburger can be satisfied without having to walk to the nearest restaurant, saving you not only money, but embarrassment. After the honeymoon is over, the savings realized when the missus says it’s time, and you safely drive her to the hospital instead of trying to have the next door neighbor lend you his car. Or, the next incident of cost realization is when junior is ready for his night out with future wife, you know how it is dad? See, in just three scenarios we have seen the cost effectiveness of owning an automobile.
Of course, these examples are purely fictional, having no resemblance to any person living or dead, and writer is to be held blameless for any similarities found within. Just to keep things legal, you know.
There is a need for thirty words at this point of the article, so it will summarized with a final comment on the importance of automobile ownership; it beats walking.

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